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Mentoring Terms and Conditions

Upon subscription to the photography mentoring service you will be provided with a copy of these terms and conditions in your welcome guide for your reference.

Subscriptions are initiated on a monthly frequency.  Your account will be debited every month.  You can cancel your subscription at any time, there is no period of notice required.  If you decide to cancel your subscription you will have access to the mentoring programme for the remainder of the current months subscription.  Refunds will not be issued for unused subscriptions.  Cancellation of any subscription is entirely the subscribers responsibility.  Once you have received feedback on the number of images as designated by your level of subscription no further feedback will be issued until the following months subscription begins.  If you would like to change your level of subscription Apex Photographics strongly advise that you cancel your current subscription before adding another.  A new subscription will run along side any existing subscription if the original subscription is not cancelled.  Opinions expressed as part of the photography mentoring in feedback are the opinions of Stuart Reid of Apex Photographics or a chosen representative.  In the event of subscribers abusing the system or mentors; Apex Photographics reserves the right to cancel your subscription at any time.  Apex Photographics does not have to issue a notice period for any such cancellation.  Apex Photographics may choose to use any images submitted for promotional purposes including use in digital media, social media and in print form.  Any images used in such a fashion will always acknowledge the owner of the image.  Subscribers must have fun using the photography mentoring programme. There is no point otherwise.  Comments provided as feedback will be aimed at DSLR users.  Most bridge cameras will share many of the functions of a DSLR but Apex Photographics can not guarantee that users will have access to the functions described.  Apex Photographics may contact subscribers with details of other Apex Photographics tuition courses.  By subscribing to the photography mentoring programme you agree to these terms and conditions.

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