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Extended Course: £199   Introductory price of £160 for classes commencing October 2017 only

The course is designed to take place over an 8 week period with classes lasting for 2 hours per week.  The aim of the course is not only to make you more confident in the use of your camera but also to introduce you to some new techniques and to foster a photographic "community" with members of each class.  Classes have a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 10.

The classes will run on consecutive weeks and the outline is as follows:

Week 1:  Introduction

                - introduction to our private and secure online community.

                - composition

                - quality settings raw vs jpeg

                - guide to free software

                - understanding viewfinder info

                - why Auto mode should be banished from your life

                - P (program) mode and its full set of features

                - themed homework 1


Week 2: First Steps

                - aperture priority mode

                - depth of field

                - f stops

                - exposure compensation

                - histogram

                - practical session controlling depth of field and intro to macro (close-up) photography

                - themed homework 2


Week 3: Next Steps

                - shutter speed priority mode

                - warnings from your camera

                - long exposure techniques

                - panning

                - light painting

                - star trails

                - ghosting

                - steady exposures

                - practical session including light painting and fun with ghosting.

                - brief for excursion 1

                - themed homework 3


Week 4: Excursion 1

                - venue tbc

                - themed homework 4


Week 5: What was Auto again?

                - manual mode

                - bracketing and HDR processing

                - flash modes

                - practical session controlling exposure with flash

                - themed homework 5


Week 6: Let's get closer

                - macro in greater depth

                - understanding image reproduction

                - extension tubes

                - ring flash

                - focus stacking

                - practical session on Macro

                - themed homework 6


Week 7: So, stops are important!

                - circle of confusion

                - hyperfocal distance

                - filters

                - calculating filtered exposures

                - brief for excursion 2

                - themed homework 7


Week 8: Excursion 2

                - venue tbc

                - themed homework 8 (I know it's the last week but you don't get off that easily)

Currently Available Start Dates:

Courses based in Dunfermline will commence

Sunday 29th October 2017 1pm-3pm


Extended Booking