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Beginners Course: £129   Call 01383 695406 or email to book your lesson.

Have you invested in your digital SLR camera and very rarely have it set to anything but automatic? Perhaps you are thinking about buying a bridge camera or even a “proper” SLR but you are unsure if you will be able to get the most out of your purchase.  Then this day course is for you ...

The aim of the course is to provide beginners with enough knowledge and hands on practical guidance to leave automatic mode behind and ultimately capture better images.

The day (up to 4 hours) course includes the following:

After a one hour session on getting to know your camera, the remainder of the day will be spent on location giving you the opportunity to try new techniques and camera settings under the watchful and helpful eye of Stuart.

Stuart Reid is a fully qualified teacher and guarantees to be able to present ideas which often seem complicated in a way that you will understand and be able to put into practice effectively.

Go on - Take control of your camera and book your session now!

The maximum number that will be accepted on any one day is 6!

This price includes travel costs to and from your location(s) from your days shooting.

The quoted 4 hour time scale includes travelling time to and from your shoot location(s)